Q. Can you still make a key to my car even if I have lost all my current keys?
A. Yes we can, all we need to know is the Make, Model and Year and sometimes the VIN number of your vehicle and we are able to cut you a new car key to code on our specialty machine.

Q. Do you supply and fit car immobilisers?
A. No, unfortunately at the moment we don’t have the machinery in order to fit immobilisers but we can refer you to the right people to help you with your problem.

Q. Can you cut keys to code?
A. Yes we can, for example; if it is a letterbox key there is a code on the actual lock, all we need is that code and we can cut and post those keys out to you. It could also be more complex, like cutting a car key to code, if you supply us with the key code we have the technology to cut the keys perfectly every time.

Q. Do you provide a system that can track the amount of keys my business has and that can’t be duplicated without my knowledge?
A. Yes we do, we have restricted systems that do just that. Once we have fitted a restricted system for your business we have a program that tracks each and every key that is cut and how many have been cut since we have created the system. Also an employee of yours can’t get the keys cut without your permission; we have people called Signatories on each account that only allow that particular person to order the keys for your business.

Q. Do you supply garage and car remotes?
A. Yes, we have a wide range of car and garage remotes. Garage remotes can either be cloned or we supply you with the remote and a set of very easy instructions to program into you garage motor. Car remotes we have to have the vehicle onsite or come out to the vehicle in order to program them into the car.

Q. Do I need to change the locks on my house when my keys have been lost or stolen?
A. No you don’t, the term we use is called rekeying. We can come to your house and rekey the existing locks you have onto a new key so the old key does not work anymore.

Q. My insurance company requires me to have deadlocks and window locks, can you supply and fit these to my property?
A. Yes we can, we have a wide range of deadlocks and window locks that will suit all properties. We can also provide you and your insurance company with a free quote before starting work.

Q. If I wanted a locksmith to come out to my property how long would it take before someone could come out?
A. We have 4 locksmith vans that are mobile within the Perth Metro Area, which allows us to have a fast service time. We estimate that we could be out to you the same day, if not the day after definitely.

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