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Get the Right Kind of Locks for Your Home

According to the Australian Institute of Criminology, many houses across Perth are attractive targets for robbers. These are residences that are often left empty during the day, contain many portable and valuable goods, or have detached dwellings with accessible entry points. If your property falls under either of these categories, you should make sure you implement tried-and-tested security measures to prevent criminals from breaking and entering. One of these is making sure you have trust-worthy locks, and more importantly the right kind lock for each application around your home.

1. Deadbolt Lock

Used For: Reinforcement for existing key-in-lever or key-in-knob locks, particularly for external doors. It is commonly found on shed or garage doors to keep expensive tools and other valuable stuff in storage safe. But it can be used anywhere in your home where security needs to be strengthened.

Description: It gives additional security because it cannot be rotated without the right key. It is either single or double-barrelled. The former variety has two different sides, wherein the one facing the exterior part of your property is where the key will be inserted, while the inside part has a twist knob. The latter type requires a key for both sides, and this means an intruder that came through a window can’t easily escape through the door with your latest flat screen TV. It is also helpful in preventing lockouts, but can be risky when no one has the key in case of emergencies.

2. Mortice Lock

Used For: Entry doors most of the time, but can also be used on your interior doors, especially if your property is a period home and you want to maintain a sense of authenticity.

Description: Its popularity declined in recent years but it has currently been making a comeback due to its superior security capabilities and varied designs, and is commonly seen in high-end residential buildings and commercial structures. You need to carve a rectangular pocket (called the mortice) in the edge of a door, while the strike plate (where the bolt inserts when the lock is engaged) is carved into the frame. The body (which looks like a metal plate on the surface of a door) houses the handle or knob, latch, deadbolt, and other parts that work the lock. Security is further enhanced because the locking device works only when you insert and turn the right key into the opening on the plate.

3. Special Keys

Used For: More commonly for bike and car locks, but are becoming more popular today for front and rear entry points as more home owners are becoming highly security conscious.

Description: They are keys that do not fit the description of a standard variety, which is usually a short strip of brass or steel metal, with grooves on either side, and one side cut to match the pins and tumbler of its corresponding lock. Some common special key designs are four-sided, double-sided, magnetic, electronic, skeletal, and tubular. They may have numerous magnetic mechanisms, pins, or any other non-standard technologies to increase a lock’s security.

Insider Tip:

Selecting the right kind of lock depends on your security needs and where the lock will be used. But knowing the different types isn’t enough. You want to make sure you choose the best ones for your home and that they are properly installed. This is where professional locksmiths come in. For those of you needing a locksmith in the Perth Metropolitan area or in any of these areas in particular — Mandurah, Port Kennedy, Secret Harbour, Kwinana and the Peel Region, just give us a call. Our Mandurah locksmiths can give you a free quote and reliable advice on how to fortify the security around your home or commercial property.

Remember to do what you can now and spare yourself from the physical, mental, emotional and psychological strain of becoming a victim of theft in the future.