Gain Entry

If you or one of your family members locks yourselves out of your home or your vehicle. Our team of locksmith professionals can assist by either unlocking the locks on your property or opening the doors of your vehicle.


If the unfortunate happens, say a break in to your property, we can come to you and rekey the locks that you currently have. This just means that you will be provided with new keys to your property and the old keys would no longer work in any lock, therefore creating a safe environment for you family once again. Also rekeying is recommended if you have recently moved into a new property and want the peace of mind that the old owners or relatives don’t still hold the keys to your property.

Garage & Gate Remotes

Lost your remote or is your current one starting to play up? Bring the remote into our workshop and we can provide you with a replacement.

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Key Cutting

With hundreds of key blanks in stock we can assist you with duplicate keys

WAS Padlocks

Need a lock or padlock for your meter box that needs to be accessed by Western Power staff? Our locksmith professionals can help by supplying you with a lock that is keyed to the Western Power master key system which allows them to gain access.

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Key Alike

Key alike means one key that will open all locks on your property. This can be done at most properties without much change to existing locks, however some locks cannot be keyed alike to others, and we would let you know when on site.

Security Upgrades

Some councils give incentives to certain people to upgrade the security on their homes, this could mean installing a deadlock to your front door or patio bolts to your glass sliding doors. Our team of professional locksmiths can help by attending site and providing you a free quote, with recommendations to increase the security at your home.


Looking at going on a holiday or just want to secure your most valuable possessions? We have a wide range of safes on display in our locksmith store.

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Make Keys

We can make keys to suit existing locks, for example you purchased a house without window keys generally they’re all keyed the same. It’s convenient to make a key to suit one lock which will operate the others.

Travel Padlocks

Going on a holiday and need padlocks to secure your luggage? Come into our locksmith workshop and we can supply you with TSA approved padlocks.

Electronic Security

We supply and install a range of electronic security included; Alarms, Access Control & CCTV (Cameras)

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Security Doors

Additional barrier of security to your property including hinged and sliding security doors and window screens.

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Digital Locks

With a range of keyless entry locks on the market with either swipe card, key pad or combination we can find one that suits your needs

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Key Storage & Cabinets

Lock boxes and key cabinets available for key storage

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