Looking for a safe? Get free locksmith advice from Prestige Lock Service prior to purchase.

We stock a wide range of safes and believe there’s no such thing as a generic safe. These three important questions will determine what safe will suit your requirements:

  1. What is being stored in the safe and whats the total value of the contents?
    • This determines we can source the correct safe to suit your requirements. Cash rating, fire rating, environmental factors etc.
  2. What is your budget?
    • Providing an estimate will assist us, providing you a range of options to suit your requirements.
  3. Is this being installed by one of our technicians?
    • What suburb is the property located?
    • Is there clear entry?
    • Downstairs?
    • Location?
    • Type of Flooring?


  • Click here to view Truly Mutral fire safe brochure – Recommended for Home. ★★★
    10K Cash Rating, 120min fire rating
  • Click here to view IronGuard brochure – Recommended for Home & Small Business ★★★★
    20K Cash Rating, 60min fire rating
  • Click here to view Rhino safe brochure – Recommended for Home & Business ★★★★★
    30K Cash Rating, 90min fire rating
  • Click here to view Chubb safes range

We also stock CMI, Dominator and other brands if you require something more specific including gun cabinets, cash boxes, till safes etc please contact us.

If you require further information please contact us or visit our safe display at 3/3 Fielden Way, Port Kennedy.