Looking for a safe? Get free locksmith advice from Prestige Lock Service prior to purchase.

We stock a wide range of safes and believe there’s no such thing as a generic safe. These three important questions will determine what safe will suit your requirements:

  1. What is being stored in the safe and whats the total value of the contents?
    • This determines we can source the correct safe to suit your requirements. Cash rating, fire rating, environmental factors etc.
  2. What is your budget?
    • Providing an estimate will assist us, providing you a range of options to suit your requirements.
  3. Is this being installed by one of our technicians?
    • What suburb is the property located?
    • Is there clear entry?
    • Downstairs?
    • Location?
    • Type of Flooring?


  • Click here to view IronGuard Home Safes brochure
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  • Click here to view Truly Mutral fire safe brochure
  • Click here to view Rhino safe brochure
  • Click here to view Chubb safes range

If you require further information please contact us or visit our safe display at 3/3 Fielden Way, Port Kennedy.