Terms and conditions

You hereby agree to these terms and conditions that you are the legally appointed representative and will comply with all the associated terms and conditions as set out below.

  1. Prestige Lock Service has at their own expense adequate insurance cover for ‘public liability’ and all type of contracting work.
  2. The person requesting the work (from now on known as the customer) to be carried out, will at all times be responsible for providing complete free and easy access into the working area of the job.
  3. Variations and upgrades be it verbal or written are the responsibility of the customer to be liable for payment in full.
  4. The job cost is made on the assumption that normal ground beating conditions pertain, any additional requirements not shown on the plans or mentions in the specification, which results further costs to Prestige Lock Service, or it sub contractors, shall be given the right to charge the person requesting the work further costs.
  5. If there is extra work needed, extra parts or repairs to be carried out – all reasonable attempts to contact the customer will be made, then Prestige Lock Service will stop all work associated and will wait further verbal or written instructions. Prestige Lock Service will make all effort to finish the work quickly and quietly (unless machines needed to be used then in accordance with the relevant noise abatement act). In the event of delay Prestige Lock Service will not be held responsible of any manner or way for all loss arising as a result
  6. Prestige Lock Service shall not be liable for any instruction given by the customer that may contravene the requirements of the Local Authority
  7. Prestige Lock Service shall not be anytime be liable for any damage to footpaths, crossovers, kerbing, water pipes, storm water drains, property etc. be it accidental damage or by neglect on the behalf of Prestige Lock Service or any of its sub contractors and the customer agrees not to hold Prestige Lock Service responsible in any way.
  8. In the event of the works covered with the associated job being damaged or destroyed, by any case not the direct fault of Prestige Lock Service then any additional cost or expense incurred as a result of such damage or destruction shall be chargeable to the customer and shall be recoverable monies due hereunder.
  9. Debt Collection Fees;
    1. All accounts are to be settled in full at the completion of each job unless otherwise arranged.
    2. Should the customer default in payment of any monies due under this Agreement, than all monies due to Prestige Lock Service shall immediacy become due and payable and shall be paid by the customer within SEVEN (7) days of the date of demand and Prestige Lock Service shall be entitled to charge interest at the rate of 15% per annum on all overdue accounts from the date of due payment until the date of actual payment.
    3. Any expenses, costs of disbursements incurred by Prestige Lock Service in recovering any outstanding monies including debt collection agency fees and solicitor’s costs and interest charged till the payment made in full, shall be paid by the customer providing that those fees do not exceed the scale charges as charges by that debt collection agency/solicitor.
    4. That Prestige Lock Service shall be entitled at any stage during the continuance of this agreement to request such security or additional security as the customer shall in its discretion think fit, and shall be entitled to withhold supply of any goods or continue to finish the quoted work until such security of additional security shall be obtained.
  10. No grounds of disapproval of work, is accepted after 7 days of the completion of the work, carried out to any written or non written specifications, and not guarantees of any work or repairs that MAY be needed to be rectified will be carried out until the account is paid in full.
  11. We reserve the right to charge the fees charged to us, by you the customer wanting to pay using any form of credit or charge card.
  12. The customer hereby acknowledges that the goods supplied by Prestige Lock Service shall remain the property of Prestige Lock Service until payment is paid in full. In the event of the customer defaulting in any of the terms of this agreement including the payment of monies due under this agreement, then Prestige Lock Service shall have the right without giving notice, to retake possession of the goods supplied to the customer by Prestige Lock Service and the customer hereby authorises and allows Prestige Lock Service or their representative, servant, agent or employee to enter the premises to which the goods are housed or stored for the purpose of retaking possession of the same and Prestige Lock Service shall not be liable for any costs, losses, damages, expenses or any other monies or losses suffered by the customer as a result of Prestige Lock Service retaking possession of the goods.
  13. This agreement does hereby jointly and severally guarantee payment of the customer’s account to Prestige Lock Service. This guarantee will be continuing guarantee unless notification is made to and acknowledged by Prestige Lock Service in writing.
  14. All parts removed or spares will be disposed of and marked as scrap unless specifically stated in writing to Prestige Lock Service prior to the job being started
  15. The customer hereby gives permission to Prestige Lock Service who can obtain and carry out any credit checks and to obtain details of my credit history. In the event of non-payment of an account after a reasonable time of the funds being owed, the customer gives permission to Prestige Lock Service to default my/our national credit file with any reputable credit-reporting agency and agrees to abide with the rules of the Privacy act.