Prestige Lock Service have a range of restricted key profiles available. Restricted profiles are patent designed and exclusive to specific service agents, this protects your property and assets from additional keys being copied by anyone.

Restricted keys provide key management and identification. Restricted locks provide large master keying capabilities and anti-manipulations e.g. anti-pick.

Additional key cutting requires signature authorisation and photo ID.

We have a range of products and profiles available to suit your requirements.

Series Six — Our entry level system is ideal for small/medium buildings e.g. small businesses and shopping centres.

EVVA 4KS — Our maximum security profile can be used anywhere. It is specifically designed to target government organisations or buildings in challenging environments.

Series Six ‘BR’ Multi-Broach Profile


  • Design registration until 2028 (AUS)
  • 2 profile family with master key profile
  • 3mm nickel silver key (difficult to bend)
  • Compatible with a large range of locks
  • Australian manufactured and designed
  • Ergonomically shaped key head comes in 23 colours — the 3 panel design allows for an infinite possibility of colour combinations
  • Ample space on the key for key identification
  • Over 30 different cylinder and plug types to retrofit most applications
  • Economical option for those seeking a restricted master key system
  • Customer security is assured, with replacement keys only available through authorised Series Six agents

The Colour Key System

Series Six offers three panel key heads which can be mixed and matched, with 23 colours to choose from: Reflex Blue, Blue, Weave, Light Blue, Purple, Lilac, Heritage Green, Green, Fluoro Green, Lime, Fluoro Yellow, Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink, Fluoro Pink, White, Silver, Gold, Coffee, Maroon, Black and Beige.


Featured product on Australian Defence magazine podcast.

  • Patent protected until 2035
  • SCEC endorsed — SL3 rated products
  • Pick resistant with complex design of the 12 slider alignment
  • Controlled distribution of key blanks with limited dealers
  • Carbide slider components plus additional anti-drill pins
  • Industry leading with environmental conditions — reduced corrosion
  • Potentially 133 billion key combinations
  • High grade nickel silver plug and keys — extremely difficult to damage or break
  • Spring less technology — less wear and reduced corrosion
  • V shaped key pushes debris away
  • Australian Standard approved (Sc8 AS4145.2)
  • Key can be inserted both ways (like most automotive keys)
  • Available to suit any existing locking hardware
  • 4KS will outperform all other products available in challenging environments — dirty, dusty or salty