Business Security Tips — Keep Your Premises Safe & Secure

Business Security Tips — Keep Your Premises Safe & Secure

Google ‘small business security’ these days and you’ll find that most security concerns for small business owners relate to the digital side of their business and the threats that cybercrime presents in the digital age. But small business security entails much more than protecting your passwords and dealing with the challenges that BYOD presents in the workplace, as it’s also about making sure your office, workshop or vehicle (if you’re a mobile services provider or a contractor) are safe and secure.

As leading commercial locksmiths in Perth and the surrounding areas, the team at Prestige Lock Service works with business owners in a wide range of sectors to help them secure their premises and protect the investments they’ve made in equipment, computers and stock from criminals. Here are three things to think about regarding business security standards at your place of work.

1. Keys & Locks

How long since you’ve upgraded the locks on your front and rear doors and how many sets of keys do you have? While your locks may not need upgrading just yet, if you can’t account for every set of keys, then it’s time that you had the locks replaced. What’s more, deadbolts are recommended for all doors and all windows should be secured with suitable locks, with all sets of keys accounted for.

A small office safe is ideal for storing extra sets of keys in the workplace so that you can account for each set of keys that you’ve had made. This is something our experienced locksmiths can assist you with as we can supply and install a wide range of commercial safes in a variety of sizes, all of which comply with fire regulations and standards.

2. Security Bars

Security bars and other items of commercial hardware can be used to make your business premises impenetrable. All windows should be secured with security bars in addition to a suitable set of locks to prevent criminals from smashing a window and entering the premises. Moreover, ensure that there aren’t any objects left outside the building (pallets, crates, etc.) which could be used to make the windows easily accessible.

3. Lighting

Lighting is an excellent way of protecting your business premises. Installing lighting near all access points (doors and windows) ensures that these important areas are visible when you’re not at work.

Dark, unlit premises with access points to the rear of the building (where they’re not seen from the street) are common targets for thieves because they have time to attempt to gain entry as they’re out of sight. However, when all access points have been secured with high-grade locks by a locksmith and suitable lighting has been installed, this has the effect of serving as a deterrent.

Prestige Lock Service provides commercial locksmith services to businesses of all sizes across Perth and the surrounding areas. If it’s about time you updated your business security, contact the team today and we’ll discuss your options regarding commercial hardware, new locks and keys, restricted access systems and more.