Keeping Your Car Safe

Keeping Your Car Safe

Like any other Australian city, car theft and related crimes are common across Rockingham and Mandurah. Car owners make important investments in their cars, whether for personal or business use, and must act accordingly to protect this investment, which after their home, is likely to be the largest investment they’ll ever make.

Prestige Lock Service can assist you with a broad range of automotive related security services, such as cloning car transponder keys and programming replacement car remotes, but there are also many things that you can do to secure your car and make it less of a target for thieves. Here are a few handy tips.

Park in the Garage or Carport

When at home, parking your car in the garage or carport is one of the most effective ways to keep your car secure, especially if you have had the good sense to have Rockingham and Mandurah’s leading residential locksmiths upgrade the security on your carport.

Automotive crimes are common across many areas of the Peel region, with many car thefts and break-ins occurring at night. As a result, keeping your car off the street and in your carport, or at least on your property and behind a locked fence, will make your car much less of a target for thieves.

Don’t Leave Valuables in Sight

Leaving valuables in sight, for instance, on the dashboard or one of the seats, is a sure-fire way to make your car a target for thieves. It doesn’t matter if you plan to park for a few minutes or a few hours, as it only takes a few seconds for someone who’s committed this kind of crime before to gain entry to your car and take your valuables.

Always take your valuables with you if you can when you park for lengthy periods, but if you can’t, keep them out of sight by storing them in the boot, glovebox or under the seat. Moreover, make sure all the windows have been wound up before leaving the car, particularly the rear windows, which many of us have a tendency to overlook.

Never Leave the Car Running

It seems tempting at times, but even though you’ll just be a minute, or even less, it takes just a few seconds for someone to jump behind the wheel of your car and take off. As police records show, quite often crimes of this nature aren’t committed by people with a criminal history, but instead by young people taking advantage of the situation to go for a joyride.

Always turn off the engine and take your keys with you when you duck into the shops. The number of cars taken for joyrides by opportunistic youngsters just isn’t worth the risk.

We hope you find these simple car security tips food for thought, and that they help you avoid becoming a victim of an automotive crime. If you find yourself in need of new replacement car keys to keep your car secure, get in touch with Prestige Lock Service, Rockingham and Mandurah’s favourite automotive locksmiths.