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Smart Locks: The Future of Security

As the go-to emergency locksmith Rockingham wide, Prestige Lock Service is always up-to-date on the latest developments in lock technology. On that note, we’re dedicating a post to smart locks and the future of security.

In this day and age there’s an app for everything, and that extends to locks and home security systems as well. Whilst the vast majority of houses still use good old-fashioned lock-and-key security systems, the future is already on its way in this department.

What is Smart Security?

These days, marketers will add a ‘smart’ prefix to just about any technology to imply that it’s more intuitive or better integrated into our daily lives. In the case of locks and home security, ‘smart’ usually means that some combination of the following is present:

  • The security system features an app that’s accessible on your smartphone.
  • A user can control certain features of the security system remotely.
  • Access to the house is granted to a person based on their access to the app on that phone, with optional security keys and additional door-opening accessories also available.

As such, smart security is not necessarily revolutionising the way that we lock our houses and protect our property. Instead, it’s providing additional options for how we secure the premises, open locks and otherwise initiate security protocol.

Smart Locks: Next-Gen Home Security

There are several different brands of smart locks on the market, but most offer a similar suite of features. There are different types of locking mechanisms available depending on the type of door, with all major door types covered. But it’s important to note that the type of lock you require depends on the type of door you have.

As mentioned above, smart locks come with an app that you can load on a smartphone or tablet. This allows you to lock all doors with the tap of a button. But that’s only the beginning.

There are several ways to open a smart lock. If you’re using a smartphone or tablet to control the locks, then you can open them via Bluetooth. This will only work from devices that you have approved. Many also come with a Bluetooth key fob that will open the doors.

In addition to this, smart locks also allow a security code in the event that your phone battery is dead or you don’t have the key fob on you. You can actually set several different codes, with specific time periods of validity. This allows you, for example, to make arrangements with the neighbour boy while you’re away. You could set it up such that he can come over to feed your pets, water the plants and bring the mail in during the afternoon, with the same code invalid after dusk.

Other Forms of Smart Security

Smart locks are only the beginning. We’re also seeing enhanced security systems that beam HD CCTV footage directly to your mobile device, as well as alarm systems that send you notifications when someone enters the house — either with a key or as an intruder. The alarm alerts the authorities whilst keeping you in the loop, adding peace of mind to an already stressful situation.

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