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Home Security Tips for Homeowners

Perth experienced a rise in crime rates this year, with a spike in the month of August seeing more than 2,300 more crimes committed in that month than in July. Not all these crimes affected homeowners — many were motor vehicle theft and other crimes — but there was a notable increase in the number of residential burglaries.

The Right Locks

Not only can the right locks make your home much more secure, but they also ensure you stay up-to-date with your home insurance requirements and they can also serve as excellent deterrents to intruders.

Deadbolt locks are essential for all entry doors, especially ground floor doors, both front and rear. Special keys — these are often vastly different to regular keys and may be electronic, four-sided, skeletal or tubular in design — are popular among security-conscious homeowners. As the leading Rockingham locksmiths, we can help you understand which locks best suit your residential security requirements.


Lush gardens are lovely, but you must make sure your garden doesn’t provide hiding places for thieves. This is particularly important around ground floor windows and the rear door, so trim your garden if it’s restricting visibility from the inside of your home.

Another consideration regarding visibility concerns what people can see in your home from the windows. In population-dense areas of Perth, it isn’t a good idea to leave valuables where they can be seen from the windows. This point is particularly important for people living in ground floor apartments with people walking by often.

Take a good look at the interior of your home by walking around the outside looking in to see what potential intruders see. You should also ensure your street number is clearly visible just in case you need to call the emergency services for assistance.

Other home security tips for homeowners in and around Perth include installing a small safe to store your valuables — this is particularly useful when you go on holiday — marking valuables with an engraver or ultraviolet marker, and making an inventory list of valuables to give to the police just in case you get broken into.